Reviews for "Songbird Symphony v0.2"

I don't want to come of too clingy, but this game astounded me in so many more ways than one, I cannot go without add my words.

From a mechanic-point of view, having one main action-button for multiple actions (interact/sing) is very simple and easy to get the hang of, and I just love minimalistic approaches like these: One singular serving multiple purposes.

The songs, as well as the graphics are beautiful and the fact the game is rythm-based adds so much potential as it involves a additional sense to the gaming experience.

I feel I wish to say more, but I believe that the more one adds, the less you take from the drawing/experience. Sometimes just let art be art.


I am having a little peformance issues (low framerate), if that may be worth taking into consideration during development, but that's about it.

I am looking forward for its release and good luck on the team!

I will probably get a lot of heat for that, but god, I fucking hated it so much, that I quit the game after I got the first medal. I can't give it zero, because it has top-notch graphics, but the gameplay is so much shit, it's unbelievable. The controls are not responsive, which in rhythm game can make everything frustrating. It's a very sloppy game too, where simple jumping can be a pain in the ass. Oh, and Unclea Pea looks likes some pedophile pervert. Unity Webgl is an awful format, because you can always expect it to glitch, not work, or not work properly. The game loading for an eternity doesn't help either, but hey, that's unity for you

Gameplay: 0/10
Graphics: 10/10
Idea: 5/10

This game is so sickeningly adorable.
From the cute character designs, to the simple yet catchy melodies everything stands out with a staggering amount of charm and personality.
I love how the game rewards you for exploring with more instruments being added to the song. that alone makes the game more alive and fun to explore.
Gameplay took a new turn since last time with the owl song and the new objectives present in the largely expanded levels and it definitely spices the game up in every positive way possible.
My only complaint is that the levels are maybe a bit to maze-like at some points, so adding a map might be something that should be taken in consideration.
But other than that, a solid game and a really fun experience.
Can't wait until the 3rd update.

Joysteak responds:

Thank you for playing both versions!
We'll definitely take your suggestion for a map into consideration.
Glad you enjoyed yourself :)

I absolutely love this game! I've been with it since it first launched and I'm excited to play more. This game has gone above and beyond my expectations with gameplay. I love how you have to interact with the characters to make the "music" of the forest/jungle/area. However, my "s" key does not register with the game. It works outside of it perfectly but when I am clearly pressing it, nothing happens. I'm not sure if this is a glitch in the game or not but it makes it difficult to play. I STILL LOVE IT THOUGH! The artwork, music, and design are magnificent! Please, please, please make it easier for us to press the keys if possible.

Joysteak responds:

Hmm.. Did you make sure that your browser was focused on the game? You might have accidentally clicked out of the game screen. Try clicking on the game screen and try again. Let us know if it works :)

And yes, options for key rebinding is definitely something we're gonna try in the future.
Thanks for playing!

I love it but i dont like how the circles are timed. I should press when the circle reaches the button NOT when it goes underneath it.

Joysteak responds:

Thanks for playing! We'll take your suggestion into consideration :)