Reviews for "Songbird Symphony v0.2"

This is probably one of the best demo games on Newgrounds. The visuals, the mixed gameplay, the characters, and the optimism is just infectious. You can't possibly be angry while playing this game.
One of my favorite parts of the game is how you can unlock the background music by doing cute little favors for other minor characters, a creative and fun detail that I only saw in Pokemon Black and White. Even if exploring the game is a bit tedious, making the characters happy is so worth it.
I also love how during songs, there are made up lyrics that you can't help but sing along. It adds so much character and personality to an already charming game.
Of course, this game isn't perfect by any means. The songs can be hard to get excellents on due to the time between the sounds, I got lost and a bit motion sick in the dungeon-like area, and the S button during platforming gameplay is frustratingly unresponsive.
For me, however, this game is more about the charm and optimism. This brings a smile to my face more than Kirby. The cutscenes, the characters, the visuals; I can't wait for what the complete game will offer. I would pay top dollars for a full game.

This game is so well done, great music, very simple, yet entertaining and heart warming.

It's so charming and beautiful! I'm in love!

(accidentally press a button after the song ends) Wrong hits : 1

I found this game highly enjoyable. Controls are sometime unresponsive but it may be something on my end. I have a critic regarding the white lines that connect the sound coins, they don't look homologous to the the coin artwork. It's like when you mix sprites with paint.exe resources they feel out of place together.