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Reviews for "Pmation: "All Ears""

very nice. very funny indeed


How long did it take you to make this?
Comedy fell a bit short for me

This was one of the best episodes. Are they episodes? I had no idea you'd make a cartoon where he had big ears. You just never run out of ideas! I loved how the jokes kept going on. I thought it would immediately end when he got the big eyes.

At first, I was wondering how big eyes would be a problem. I mean, he already had visible eyes. He had no visible ears! I'm starting to know these characters more. Congratulations on the Weekly 5th Place!

Cute again

Another great animation with some nice color as always, what I would love to see is some type of dialog in some of these and give them more character to them, but they are amusing and pretty funny stuff, so anyways nice work here keep at it and let it shine. I was most amazed with all the little stuff this flash had to offer, it was alot of little things that really made me enjoy this flash, so a good effort put fourth and was pretty good i thought keep at it.

More voice dialog would be great