Reviews for "Butterfingering"

Very good animation

everything was sharp and crisp and the simpsons characters are amazing, This one here is Praise-Worthy and So I was very pleased with this, this one was one of those flicks that really can standout, and it was a pleasure on how you started this one off. I give you some good Merit infact I Nominate this one as a top notch submission.

I wouldnt do anything maybe make it a tad bit longer.



The animation is great and entertaining. Its runs smoothly and the video is funny.

The animation is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I really like what you did with the editing and how you made Milhouse's fantasies of the Butterfinger so sparkly and cool. Seriously, the editing is really fun, another part where it shines is the part where Milhouse gets hit. The animation was pretty short, but it was fast-paced and unique enough to keep my attention the whole time. The music was really cool too, and really went with the situation. It also totally seems like something Bart would do. Homer screaming at the end was also a nice touch. Overall, a short but REALLY cool and fun animation.

This is the Lego Movie of Butterfinger ads