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Reviews for "Zyzyx - Pixel Jungle"

Ho, Nice instruments with that joyful melody. And you are now talented at that drumstep songs. :D Hope your luck.

Never heard of something like that at the E-D style
Sounds cool and I just gotta mark as 5, coz it's really deserve that
Good luck and have fun of your hobby/job (I don't know... :)

Hey Zyzyx! Nice song. I was hoping it will sound 8bit-ish like the beginning of FatRat's "Unity", but it ended up more like future guitar or somethin'. I heard that some people say the notes are a little wrong, but to me it's all part of the song (Weird, right?)

It's actually fun to listen to though, I prefer genres like 8bit, techno, chipstep, Glitch Hop, and Pop. This takes it to the next level!

Also, as a reminder: I made a GD level using this song, it's called Operation Megan! (ID: 34457360) Hope you like it!

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

Thanks mate :) after educating myself on music theory and getting taught the basics I've learned that those people are actually wrong. The notes in this song are perfectly fine! Thanks for the support bro.


This was probably one of the most popular song in GD 2017/2018!