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Reviews for "Zyzyx - Pixel Jungle"

What a funny song :D i loke it

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

Thanks man. I guess this track made you laugh? XD

Awesome song zyzyx :3

very spag heddy!! great. but the drop REALLY needs to be more powerful!!! nice melody tho

Some of the notes are off in the melody and the mixing could be better. The sidechain needs to be a bit stronger aswell because the snare kinda drowns in the mix. Not bad, but not the greatest.

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

Hey!! :D. Thanks for leaving an honest review man. I don't always get them much. I don't hear anything wrong with the melody, but you aren't the first to say that some notes are off. So obviously there is something with it. I also kind of agree with the snare part. I have a problem with sidechaining. When I sidechain in my DAW with a compressor, there is this glitch where if I have it compress to much (like down to 0db per se) then it makes a wierd distorted sound and I think that is just my computer. Hoping to get a new one soon :P But thanks mate, again, for your honest review. Cya!


Never heard of something like that at the E-D style
Sounds cool and I just gotta mark as 5, coz it's really deserve that
Good luck and have fun of your hobby/job (I don't know... :)