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Reviews for "Zyzyx - Pixel Jungle"

The title suits the song really well.
t('- ')t suck it Tarzan.
Melody is pretty... unexplainable, though in a good way. You have a pretty good imagination. The thing is that I don't like stereotypical faggots like some dubstep producers who's name should not be mentioned... Etzer( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). I'm just kidding. Your dubstep producing is what makes you unique. You better get your name out there. I made a bet to some friends that you can get on pandora by 2018. Gl and keep producing dude.


DJ-Zyzyx responds:

Lmao thanks for the motivational words dude, they mean a ton :D Yeah, the melody is weird. Switches between G major and G minor a lot. I guess I was able to pick that out with just my ears lol XD Im actually collaborating with Etzer at the moment actually...

Thanks mate,

Keep it up!


DJ-Zyzyx responds:

Thanks man :P

Amazing, as usual! Keep it up!

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

thank you, False Name? 8)

good, but not the best.
expecting an effect level on this