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Reviews for "Starry Night"


I'll use as a wallpaper, doesn't kill the eye too much

the cat eye is the answer to all

really like the different things happening in this. I love the cat because I've always thought, we can not understand what animals say nor think, except what we base past information on, and they are the ones that see it all, so I see the cat as a symbol of seeing this event, and I want to know what the animals thoughts are. Really cool piece!


wow, simply amazing!

...and that seems my cat xD

lovable ^^


A very beautiful scene indeed! I especially like the rolling hills.

All of your art is very well done and your ability to create such grand and majestic imagery is stunning.

The two more prominent shooting stars in the piece throw me off a bit, though. Maybe it's because the larger of the shooting stars is making an obvious tangent with the clouds. Or maybe it's because the whole image seems to lead the eye from left to right with the exception of those two stars that tend to lead the eye from right to left.

It also struck me as odd that the stars in the far distance are the most saturated elements in the piece while most of everything else is almost completely desaturated. It seems to me that the cat is meant to stand out from the background, but without that extra colour, it's almost being overpowered by those stars.

But anyways, take that with a grain of salt. You seem to be the more experienced artist of the two of us. =)

Keep up the good work!

itz bueatiful!

wow, what else can i say...ur good!