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Reviews for "Starry Night"


I'd give everything for sharing this moment with the cat.
Another amazing piece of art.
Just Love.


Best picture ever!

That is the kind of thing that can make someone cry... :P

This man, happens to be god.

Well, the atmosphere, is throughly awe-striking. The dark colors inspire, darkness.
The small cat adds perspective that stuns the viewer, and the intertwining comets add spice, and flair.

Overall this is perfect. Can you design an album-cover for me? (Joking, yet serious. lol)


There are a few Very good artists based on backgrounds and i really think you are the best, i just saved almost all of your creations in my computer and keep them there for inspiration

Favorited and wallpaper'd

this art is really impressive, i was like :O after i saw this, it really seems kinda epic, and its easy to imagine a background history.