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Reviews for "CHASE.fla"

Digno de admirar :D

These guys ain't stopping the madness!

trippy as fuck. hope this sets a standard for MC11

once again, krinkels has created a masterpiece.

the new features of this movie (within the madness-universe of ''nevada''), are quite impressive: bubbles that are access points into a different dimension within the ''improbability drive'' area, portals that break through reality (or life) and help people to enter a new realm for scientific purposes, and the depiction of gravity devices, which can manipulate (or even 'freeze') gravity into a vertical/horizontal position.
(the use of devices that can alter gravity horizontally/vertically DID remind me of the epic game ''submachine'', so if that was a cool reference to this great game, then good for you!)

all the backgrounds were nicely drawn and with many hints+details on them, all the weapons were nicely drawn, the character's movements/fighting/animation was flawless, and there were many good things to see in this movie: strange items, abysmal portals and the return of deimos from the dead!

apparently, if deimos will escape from this ''improbability drive'' realm, perhaps he could return back to the world of the living? i hope so.

one of the coolest elements of the madness series was how hank j. wimbleton evolved from a mindless killer into a man with a mission: to bring down the overlords of nevada, and most importantly, the auditor.
another great part of the madnessian lore is how 2 random(?) madness dudes decided to help hank in his quest to save the universe, and how they became unique+well-defined in a short time: deimos and sanford are some really nice, memorable characters and thats just one of the many reasons why the madness series is so great, so interesting and so well-loved.

this was a short movie, but any movie from you is a welcome sight, krinkels.
stay cool, and keep creating great movies!
you're awesome.

I watched this not noticing that it was you. Said to myself, hey, let's watch a new madness vid.

My eyes widened as I saw epic and new concepts unfolding before me. Only Krinkels would be capable of this quality, I thought.

The credits roll, and I'm not surprised. Well done sir.

I only wish there had been more of it, so please continue inverting, mind-blowing and above all, keep the madness going!