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Reviews for "Goldenrod Nitelites"


goldenrod city was my favorite city in pokemon

Best. Mix. Ever?

This is up there with the best Pokemon mixes. I can just imagine myself strolling through the city with this peaceful, but engaging music playing during the night with all the city lights on, and that dark Radio Tower flying high in the skylights...

Short-Factor responds:

I'm glad you got that effect. That's what I aim for.


Goldenrod-Best city in pokemon games

ahh the nastalgia...

damn this brings back memories from like 5th grade or so when this game was all the rage.... damn that was a decade ago. well anyway great job the only thing i have to complain about is that this has a bassy muffled sound over it. its just a little foggy soundin but other than that nice work! oh yeah and it's a little bit short.

Short-Factor responds:

The "foggy" sound was unintended but I think it worked well. I've gotten much better since then.


this song is nice and claming for the soul