Reviews for "The spy who shot me™ - Demo"

Apparently jumping off the boat and then falling off the wall causes you to fall off the world. a suicide pill would be better than waiting in the abyss. The music was good. The voice actors did a great job. The graphics we just wolfenstein enough. Good job, made me want to play it again to see if I could play without any kills ... nope. The cross hairs were difficult to see at times and so was the count down. maybe some dramatic music for the last twenty seconds.

BlueStarGeneral responds:

Cool ideas Someday,

I'll see if I can replicate that falling bug. I'll hopefully update the NG version to the latest build today. It's throwing up script.errors at the mo.


The lighting is very well done

BlueStarGeneral responds:

Thanks! I'm.using an old technique from my ps1 Dev days

Great demo I must say ! Feel like the original with a comic twist :P

BlueStarGeneral responds:

I started this game as a mod for doom, well before golden eye. Back when I
wasn't an old git.

fun game, love the look, music and the cheese, but the time limit is pretty annoying and the jumping physics really suck.

BlueStarGeneral responds:

I'll be upping the time limit to 5mins next version. What do you think though?


A little janky, but I thought it was good. Reminds me of Super Trench Attack, and everything, EVERYTHING... is a reference. The characters and their actors are pretty good too. They did a good job with the voices, keeping them from being too over the top.