Reviews for "Knotty story"

It's a bit insane that this is a webgame made with construct 3. Even though this is still just a demo, it's probably one of the best platformers I've seen on here. The art is absolutely marvelous, and the sound design is a huge reason as to why I liked this so much. Can't wait to play the full thing!

I really liked this game, it's fun and pretty easy to play, even with a short demo like this~
However, (and I actually made my account just to say this) when choosing to climb the pipes, I actually got stuck on the final corner and had to restart, I was just locked in the walk cycle the entire time. But other then that (which I'm mostly blaming myself for, since I'm normally one to stumble upon those) it was a very good game, and I hope it ends up becoming a full one on it's own!

Brilliant. Perhaps the best platform webgame I have ever played. I like short games so for me this demo is perfect: a short prologue level, a great main level, and a final boss level.

Sure, I would be interested in a final "full game". I'm just saying that, as a work of art, this is already a complete experience for me.

Awesome! Also, remember me from kongregate? I am Mason2003man?

This has A LOT of promise, maybe include something like a double jump or wall climbing in any future versions, it could also use some kind of pause or reset button.

You said you were aiming for a possible Steam release, I hope this won't become a Steam exclusive as many good Indie Games are and you'll make it regularly available so anyone can play it.