Reviews for "Knotty story"

Brilliant. Perhaps the best platform webgame I have ever played. I like short games so for me this demo is perfect: a short prologue level, a great main level, and a final boss level.

Sure, I would be interested in a final "full game". I'm just saying that, as a work of art, this is already a complete experience for me.

Awesome! Also, remember me from kongregate? I am Mason2003man?

This has A LOT of promise, maybe include something like a double jump or wall climbing in any future versions, it could also use some kind of pause or reset button.

You said you were aiming for a possible Steam release, I hope this won't become a Steam exclusive as many good Indie Games are and you'll make it regularly available so anyone can play it.

I really like this game and I believe that it has a lot of potential! I enjoyed the art-style and its little details as well! I have the feeling that this game will get creepy later on, judging by the very specific words "the FIRST knot in the middle of Mileo's tale". I'm really excited for future demos and possibly a full game! My only complaints are that the platforming feels a bit stiff. It would feel more comfortable controlling Mileo if there was perhaps a bit of momentum when he moves. Not "sliding on ice" momentum, but just a little bit of momentum to make his movement feel more natural to work with.

By the way, if you have an official discord server for this game, I'd be more than happy to join it!

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Thanks :)
Yes I understand and from all the feedback we had so far we will totaly make the platforming part easier (for the main path, not the bonus one) because the game tend to be more narrative than "arcade". We will do some changes. Hope you'll like what gonna happen next, just be patient ;)
Sorry we doesn't have a discord yet but that can be an idea.... maybe later!

This game is so cute! I would love to play the rest!

CrounchyBrothers responds:

thank you so much :)