Reviews for "Knotty story"

I love this game so much, I cant wait for the full release,

Aaaaand I just found a game breaking glitch. On chapter 2, took me FOREVER to try and bring that show up to that secret room with the dog (seriously, can we get a wasd friendly version of controls??). Went to drop the shoe and the game froze from play. I can still full screen, mew and access the menu apparently, but the screen doesn't show anything different.

well, it sure is a cute, pretty, and lovely sounding game, but in the absence of being browser friendly, it could be player friendly. unfortunately, it still runs a bit slow. mind you, it's better over here than over on Kongregate, but it's still off.

you know, i'm not sure what the hell was entirely the problem over there because i'm not having nearly as many problems here as was there, particularly in the boss battle: the crow sticks in pretty close and is actually pretty easy to cheese into plowing into multiple "nests" to make for a quick battle. the bugger was almost always offscreen on Kong, never went where you wanted him to, and was almost entirely too chore to be worth fighting.

anyway, you still have to admit that the game structure is rather confusing and it would be no wonder if people couldn't finish the game, though probably much more trouble for the casual gamer than anybody here.

on the other hand, there's no chance i'm gonna rate this higher since almost 1/3 of the damned medals won't work. i've been through this game multiple times and the medals multiple times, including on this site multiple times: anything game ending i might as well say screw it. in fact, i'm probably just gonna delete the ones i do simply because it's embarassing to have any medals from a game that's apparently too broken to actually reward people for bothering to spend any of their precious time on it, as a kick the groin often offends. thanks for nothing.


It's a bit insane that this is a webgame made with construct 3. Even though this is still just a demo, it's probably one of the best platformers I've seen on here. The art is absolutely marvelous, and the sound design is a huge reason as to why I liked this so much. Can't wait to play the full thing!

I really liked this game, it's fun and pretty easy to play, even with a short demo like this~
However, (and I actually made my account just to say this) when choosing to climb the pipes, I actually got stuck on the final corner and had to restart, I was just locked in the walk cycle the entire time. But other then that (which I'm mostly blaming myself for, since I'm normally one to stumble upon those) it was a very good game, and I hope it ends up becoming a full one on it's own!