Reviews for "Knotty story"

That game was incredible! I had no idea I'd have so much fun with it. It was a pain when the crow came. Here's how you beat it. You meow at it (by pressing S) and then have the crow go through all the green bushes. They all have to be colored.

I got knocked off and I can't get back up! It's really annoying! I was also annoyed by going on the clotheslines. I think the clothespins coming off was what screwed me up. I do love cats. I love the artwork, music, and everything.

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Heeey thanks! :)
Seems like you really had a good time playing "Knots Story".
You are right, the most difficult part to most of the players are the clothespins and to find out how to beat the crow. We'll maybe add some feedbacks that'll help in the future ;)

Really good game. Super adorable, sound super cute, story super cute.
I'd say the game seems like it was designed to give the player an experience of cute.
Only get 4 stars, because the controls soon frustrated me. Would much prefer just mouse control for everything. Such that I can focus more on the cute and less on the controls.
Even the gameplay feels good, at some point I got stuck on the white curtains and couldn't move anymore that's a bug I believe.

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Thank you Sabooo!
Seems like our game is an ode to cuteness according to your feedback ^^
I understand your position and feeling about the platformer controls (jumping etc..), but we talked to Mileo (the main character) and he say that he will be humiliated to be controlled by a mouse... You know how susceptive can be those little kittens ;)
I think we fixed the bug you mention it'll be ok in the next update!

The graphics is surely awesome, but graphics is not all. Unfortunately, the game is buggy. And in some cases it does not give enough clues of what to do. Some remarks:
1. A bug: when you try to jump up the pipe at one point the cat fails to do another wall jump and just falls down with the part of the pipe;
2. Another bug: If you fall down at the beginning of the second string you may get stucked on the edge of the platform below with no possible move and all you can do is restart the level;
3. Yet another bug: If you fall down during the boss fight you may have problems to go back up. The clouds are going up, but you don't know where exactly are you and from where to jump on a cloud to get back on the roof;
4. A question: what is the rule on when does the crow drop a collectable feather?
5. A remark: the boss fight isn't so well designed. You got no idea when the crow drops its feathers on a platform and when not, it is dumb that you get thrown out of the roof every time you just accidentally touch the crow, another thing: while luring the crow sometimes it reacts immediately but sometimes it is just flying around no matter how many times you try to attract him.
A strong advice for the future: hire some testers among the players to check your game before release.

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Totally agree with you HerbieG, a videogame is a game at first... Good graphics are more like atmospheric bonus (but also important feedbacks).
With Knots Story we wants to tell a story at first, this demo just introduce you to the character and environment around. We use classic platformer gameplay mecanics.
But it has to be confortable so be sure we take your feedback remarks in great consideration! ;)
We will check out all the bad issues you are reporting.
For your second point we cannot afford to reproduce it maybe you can send us a screenshot in a private message ?
The rule for the crow collectible is: 1 stack of leaves covered with feather = feather 1
2 stack covered = feather 2 etc...
It isn't localised per stack consider it like lighting 5 spots.

We will try to put more feedbacks on the boss but we also want the player to be granted by finding out by himself... We'll find the right balance.

As it is a demo we also count on our first players to be testers.

Thanks again for your good comment.

This game is beyond cute! But I often find myself getting stuck on the first level, mostly in trying to find this missing fourth kitten. Any tips? ^^;

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Check around, in the highest place of the level... You'll find Melie the hidden cat
In the sleeping zone wake the sleepy one... help the other to catch the spider ;)

A beautiful platformer that tells a great tale. You don't get these sort of games too often anymore. I have to admit, I primarily enjoyed the art and the background more than the gameplay. Mechanics are simple and direct, which is a personal favorite for many gamers worldwide, but something that annoyed me at times is jumping. Sometimes you end up falling short on a jump, and there is little you can do but watch as your character plummets to the ground. The other thing that makes me concerned was the tracking of the mouse. In some occasions, when selecting trying to select the option screen, you remain highlighted on the "Begin" button. However, I am overjoyed by the beauty and the stage it sets itself in. The music was also extraordinary. Definetely something I'd be looking forward to seeing in full release.

CrounchyBrothers responds:

Thanks for you nice comment. We will try to avoid the mouse target conflictual problem when you enter the game. We'll also have a check on jumping, maybe something is different with the keyboard.
Thanks for the compliments on art & music <3