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Reviews for "CAVE EXPLOR"

Cool. I got the 'Who would you be/afraid' ending. nice! I absolutely LOVE these kinds of games, with just this level of difficulty, simple, beautiful old school graphics, charm, atmosphere... no stupid minigames... a delicious air of mystery... a touch of minimalism... a sprinkle of well-utilized and simply stated philosophy... mmm. this game is sexybeast. If I wasn't asexual I would make love to it. But it'll have to be happy with me smacking my lips in pure satisfaction. A perfect game. Hell even the monochromatic color scheme... ESPECIALLY the monochromatic color scheme... is so damn perfect. Do you have more like this? I miss Link to the Past and every game like it that I never got the chance to play. ;) pixel games like those, and this game, surely, continue to be my absolute favorite genre. Thank you.

I LOVE this game. Neat graphics, fair difficulty, really cool chiptune ambient sounds and plain good gameplay. Got the three endings. I like the writing a lot, it adds a ton to the general feeling. You can cheat the nymph by keeping the x button pressed though, you should fix that. I'll keep an eye on your content!

Nice game, but a little bit short and too hard to get the nymph past the two angels.

This seemed like it was going to be just another simple boring game but the descriptive text on each page made this seem like one of those old text-based adventure games. Also the music was perfect for this. I found this after playing some of Overgrowth. Great job! I hope to see more games like this!

I absolutely adore this and love the use of gameboy zelda graphic style as I loved those games so much. I could go into each of the nuances that I love about this game but I'm sure the dude making the game knows already. I really love the challenges to this game, and the longer you play the more you realize the nuances to it. the style is really technically nice, and the design is super poetic and beautiful. this is a great game to sit down with for a bit and feel like there is no more war. ;-) would love to see another game in this style!! I just loved everything about this!! excellent game!!! you are incredibly talented keep creating !!!!