Reviews for "Magnification Chamber (MD2016)"

Best track this year. :-)

Somehow I missed this earlier! Luckily, I came across it through Tom's newspost. Congrats!
It's a great track :)

this song is so fucking great

I love this track... literally i've played this over and over for some time now. I do however have a few things to add here. Loving the distorted vocals, but i'd make them a tad louder and perhaps raise the amplitude of the main lead just a bit. Otherwise I'm in love with this. 4.5/5 Great work :)

also...would you happen to offer vocals? I have a couple of tracks could use them. Just thought i'd ask

Lich responds:

Ayyy thanks

I have a version which I'm going to be dumping on the album where all of the above mentioned has been corrected. Most of the mixing issues with this were mainly from me being abit too heavy-handed with an Exciter haha.

I can offer vocals of various processing styles. If you PM me exactly what you want doing then we can work from there.

I like metal and Industrial music but this breaking int new genres do mor like this