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Reviews for "Black Crystal - Episode Prologue: "Lighting the Spark""

It's awesome! I was waiting for the next episodes of Gwain Saga and The Guardian, and I saw this! Really wanting to see the next episodes! Plus, dope fights! Keep on doing that!

Felt like an odd jump when he went to his village and explained the crystal, but besides that, amazing animation, great humor, and the second fight scene was EPIC, especially that fire punch! I can't wait to see more!!

Those fight scenes, wow. 10/10

I loved the mix of small pixel-art and the more traditional anime cuts with pixellated lines, it's really entertaining and dynamic.
The story and characters are extremely cliché though, so any part where there wasn't any fighting felt like it lasted forever. The jokes were also predictable. I think you could spice things up with an original comic relief character once the teacher is out of the picture.

So Hype keep it up my dude