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Reviews for "Black Crystal - Episode Prologue: "Lighting the Spark""

Amazing, I love it and look forward to more. I absolutely loved the animation, the art, the design and the characters, very impressive! The only nitpick I have is the voice acting and the sound design; Some sound effects need more impact, for example in the fight against Byakko some punches and powers could have been louder. In the voice acting aspect, it only needs some improvement. Sometimes it lacks the correct emphasis or emotion on words, especially on the screaming and grunting. Despite that, it is pretty good, I find the voice for Kuro quite fitting, and with great personality. It's also quite funny, so props to that!
Anyway, you gained yourself a new fan, I look forward to more of your projects!

The effort and time spent on this really shows.
Excellent animations, camera angles, quick cuts, long shots, and beautiful backgrounds.
The story is well made....

But its cliche.

The story resembles every trending anime series that has ever came out in the past 10 years.

Some young apprentice who's full of himself and learning that he has new powers and there's more to himself than he originally thought.
(blue exorcist, bleach, naruto, etc.)

"Kuro" (Which translates to black in japanese) (So his name is black, that's really original)

Then there's the older authority figure that acts like he doesn't give a fuck and has ulterior motives, but you won't know them yet.
(samurai x, neon genesis evangelion, full metal alchemist, etc.)

"Fire punches"
Energy balls, lazer beams, blasts coming from fists.
Its all been done before.

I'm not sure if the video game 8 bit or 16 bit graphic effect was intentional but it did not match well with the realistic style animation you had in your video.

Don't get me wrong,
the animation especially during the fight scenes was top-notch professional quality.
Though that "old video game-esque" video or graphic quality really subtracted from the great animation you had in this.

This is incredible professional expert level animation and camera work.
The story made sense but wasn't very original.

So incredible! I've been working on my little cartoon and I WISH I was on this level of skill! Can't wait to see more!

Very nice potential series you got here, and with the animation like that, I wouldn't be mad if there was a game of it!

This was great! The fight scenes remind me of the old school fire emblem fights except longer and with more dynamic movement. I'm interested to see more about the world building with Kuro's tribe and how the other people would react to him.
I think the story-line seems a tad too cheesy and the explanation with the attunement a tad too general ? But its not like there's much wrong with it, I just want to see it elaborated on a bit. And it is still the prologue. Overall I think the character design needs more uniqueness to it, although of course i'll assume as character development happens we'll see a change of look in some way. And all in all, my criticisms didn't really change how much I enjoyed it. As its more so of a general opinion of the concept rather than this instance of an episode. So cheers!