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Reviews for "Black Crystal - Episode Prologue: "Lighting the Spark""

I really like the action scenes. All fast paced, you can kind of feel the impact of each hit and they're awesomely produced! The story is very cliche like the many anime that have that kind of plot: Parents are missing/dead, chosen one and mentor, but either than those problems. I can't wait to see more! >w<

Oh, this is going to be good, I can't wait to see more!

Really well produced!

I didn't expect so much for a pixel art movie, the amount of details is just perfect :)
The voices sound a bit off at some times, but otherwise it sounds really natural

The only problem I see is the story - even though kind of interesting, it isn't anything really new. I suggest you try making the action a bit more original, it would make it perfect :) Now, I understand you can't completely change the story now that it's started, but you have some opportunity to make something more creative (some idea that you would install over episodes, or if you start a whole new series, etc.), it would be even more interesting to watch :)
But other than this, everything seems fine ^^

Keep up the good work! :)

very good pixel art animation

This prologue has more cringy anime cliches than anime themselves.
Aside from this anything else is good enough to enjoy.