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Reviews for "Black Crystal - Episode Prologue: "Lighting the Spark""

Ohh snap this is so cool reminds of a VR game set in 2055 where the technology is close to realistic with a cool voice to boot I would play this not this shitty ass game called real life ;L joking. I love this bruh '' bring it on''. I'm an aspiring artists this well on my alley but I don't like pixel I would want it to be more realistic that's my only issue.

1: what did you use to animate?
2: is it ok if i make an oc for this?
3: great job
(Side note what are the species called in this Anime)

Amazing animation and voice acting, but the SFX could be improved, mainly on the protagonist's punches, which feel weak thanks to the sound effect.
Overall greay quality, keep it up!

its kinda like a slightly 4-kids anime but its seem pretty cool i can't wait to watch more

Dialogue is a little cringe worthy at time, but regardless, this is good, and I look forward to future episodes.