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Reviews for "Black Crystal - Episode Prologue: "Lighting the Spark""

The quality of animation is phenomenal, but I have to agree with Doomroar on this. This is plagued by some predictable, and unclear writing. For example, he just learned of the attunement ability, where did that insane technique toward the end come from? These may all be things that will get addressed later down the line, but this episode left me both excited and scratching my head.I don't mind the character designs, but based on what we saw, the story may need to veer away from the typical shonen anime path. Over all, Great Work! Just be mindful of the writing.

You have good animation, art, sound, voice acting, you only need to go out there and get someone to write an interesting story for you to work on, instead of this generic anime shonen that shows nothing new and kind of becomes appalling from all the cliches involved on it.

As for character designs, nothing really interesting here either, but that's the least important part, you could be making them be stick figures, however the setting has been already been done to death, like with stick figures, frankly i am just writing this because i see potential for something great here and is a pity to see it put on something like this, that said it is work as an skill showcase of sorts.

amazing work on EP1 love it i was watching all the post you guys posted onto twitter great work guys can't wait for EP2

The animation quality is incredible; I love the unique 8-bit+anime style. The character designs and voice acting were also great. This is top-notch, better than a lot of stuff on TV.

My main complaint with this episode is that there is too much fighting and not enough story. While the fighting was sort of visually interesting, since I didn't really know or care about the characters, the fights became somewhat boring. The same problem exists in a lot of shounen anime, of course, especially in the first episode of a series. Even despite this imperfection, I can't give it less than 5 stars, since it is better than 99.9% of stuff on NG.

Im gonna start with negatives then get into positives

I think overall I find the character designs boring. Maybe this is different for other people, but Im extremely tired of the sort of generic anime style this seems to borrow heavily from. whenever Gen was on screen was on screen I just couldnt stop thinking about how boring he looked, and when Kuro wasnt fighting and I had to look at those doey eyes I found myself honestly a little annoyed, if thats the best way I can put it into words, and wishing It was something a little more fresh and unique (my favorite design was definitely the wolf things Kuro fought in the field mostly cause looking at them didnt make me think of thousands of other shows ive watched or seen in the past, but as something new). Along with the anime influence in the character designs, it also comes up in the plot and dialogue. You could replace Kuros lines with any other shonen protagonist and nobody would notice, and Gen just felt like a mish-mash of sensei/teacher tropes. Im not gonna get into too much else, cause I dont want to make it seem like I disliked this, but to finish, Kuros quest, the presentation of his powers, and the twist with big spooky tiger that you could see coming from a mile away if youve seen any shonen anime ever all fit into the catagory of "this is way too similar to hundreds of anime and kinda distracts from this beautiful animation."

On to positives.
The voice actings pretty good. It seems like the actors worked hard to make the characters feel real. I doubt people are thinking too much about the voice acting though, cause theres one huge aspect that Im sure everyone veiwing knows is good. The animation is incredible. Like, I cant believe this one person pulled off something tons of big studios rarely do. Every action that was supposed to feel powerful felt like it hit like a truck. Even the bits where there were only little 16-bit style sprites looked suprisingly smooth and energetic. Excellent bits of animation are usually something you have to look for in veteran animators works, or in some obscure project that nobody saw from the 90s, but im pleased to say today I had to look no further than the front page of Newgrounds. If im gonna be totally real, aside from being one of the most inspirational things ive ever seen, it just makes me mad. Mad that a tiny team like this made something so great while huge studios with even huger budgets make mediocre slop. And mad that Im not nearly as talented.

Even though the negatives might look bigger than my thoughts on positives, I want to make it clear: this was overall an excellent and inspiring experience.
Good job, Great job. When I have the means I would love to support this project and I would love to see more.