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Reviews for "Black Crystal - Episode Prologue: "Lighting the Spark""

This is very impressive, especially if you did this all your own. It has production quality you just don't get very often anymore in mainstream animation. *cough* *cough* Cartoon Network. I do have some some minor criticisms. It did seem like he got a power boost in the final fight, but I also understand that this is mainly like a pilot, to show off what you can do. Honestly, I loved it. It's one of the best animations I've seen on this site in quite a long time.

I love this. The art style makes it nice to look at. Although, the dialogue could use some work.

I would like to point out the good things about this animation before I go in the bad. The biggest thing I have to give praise over is the weight and speed being animated well in the combat scene that are close up, the story is simple yet interesting to some extent and for the voice acting, not great but I don't mind.

The bad things I would like to point out, the animated scenes for distant shots for the combat doesn't go well for the close up combat and has a low quality feel, like I just went from a cutscene in Megaman 8 and then jumped into megaman on the Gameboy. The other is the writing, it sounds cliche and something you hear from a 4Kids dub.
And the last thing is more of a nitpick but why the sudden power boost for final blow in the second fight? He could just barely make a spark when he was with his teacher and then he just did a falcon punch with his powers to finally end the fight like no big deal.

Overall an ok start but not very interesting and it hasn't got much for me to cling onto to keep me interested besides the story.

I'm personally not a fan of the dialogue. It seemed really bland at times. But man I'm interested in the story. I already want to know "what happens next?". I like the premise of the main character only just embarking on their journey.

I really love the animations too. Every time fast movement is involved, it looks very nice and fluid. The sounds used for strikes sound strange. They seem really soft when viewed together with the speed and visual force of the hits. It somehow makes the sounds feel like the characters are punching a pillow or a punching bag with their bare fist as opposed to punch a human and send them flying, smashing the ground.

art, animations, theme, music, nd sound are all on point, with the voice acting being a little less so and the story seeming really, really corny and cliche. how did that bugger use that power of his so powerfully despite having only recently gotten it? we are thrown into the story without having any explanation to the characters, world, not any of it's attributes as if it was all known to us before hand, and what little explanations we are given seem super duper rushed as to get into the good stuff, which, mind you, is still super good nonetheless. you should totes pay a bit more attention to the story and how it's told, i'm sure that'd make this series way better!