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Reviews for "Black Crystal - Episode Prologue: "Lighting the Spark""

You've hit jackpot with the animation. But i think you are pulling way too many classic anime tropes that reduce my enjoyment of this.

LOL, Remind me Itachi that character (The one that invoked the white tiger)

This Animated serie was weasome, i can't wait for the next episode

The best is the animation and the draws, some sounds are great, but some others like some voices are to loud, I liked more than anything the effects, like collisions.
I do not know very well what to say about the story, if this becomes a "complete serie" I would gladly see it and rate it.

Continue like this, I will recommend it with my friends.

The animation and art is superb despite the cheesy and unnecessarily over-the-top voice acting at times, especially where Kuro is concerned. I also have to point out that his name is very overused in fandom's which I come in contact with (something German or Spanish would have done, it fits the character's design in my opinion :3).

The pace was also quite off too, with an example of Kuro's power progression was from novice to super-strong in just a few days as far as I can tell. It would have been a better and maybe funnier idea if an entire group of those monsters at the end started chasing Kuro over the hills after defeating the first, where he escapes the monsters' pursuit and hides, then going back for his bag afterwards to find one of those crystals next to the bag. But that's just my opinion, nothing more X3. my last gripe is that I have watched it about three or four times and still don't understand a great amount of the character(s) "character" setup, apart from "lizard guy is an apprentice to some asshole who can summon a tiger, learning how to use fire powers while getting his family back after an attack on his village." Type of story.

Over all, not a bad animation and I GENUINELY look forward to more!