Reviews for "Painted Plummet- Jaiden Boss Battle (UNDERTALE AU)"

I'm not into Undertale anymore, but this is a great effort and work put into! It's really amazing how you made this, and in Flash?! I like how you worked on this one.

Yay, beaten w/ no items. A suggestion is, instead of Fight, put Erase, because it's "Painted Plummet"

This is amazing! The attention to detail with the character sprites ( I think you nailed her hair perfectly), the music, the convoluted battle tactics, all amazing! One suggestion, I'm not to far because I suck, so sorry if this is an actual thing, but maybe put like a Bee Bee gun for Gaster blasters because that one vid where she was like really malicious with the bee bee gun in the quiz, just an idea! Keep doing what you're doing, and please make more with this AU. Best wishes ~Watermelone

I can easily say, you probably put a lot of effort into this.

also i can use my item then click act then item again leading to infinite item uses in one turn.

The game has many mispellings. "Pasifist" was actually hilarious tho.

I didn't know what to do in the beggining, I had to ask for help to know that I should press "enter"

I didn't understand the story at all to be honest.

The whole thing about insulting/taunting her is just confusing, as even if you insult or taunt her the message telling you to do it lingers, which might make you think you have to keep going.

After a point in the battle, it seems eating a pear makes the battle go back to like, 5 attacks back. wut.

The attacks are overall... alright. There are two that I have major issues with:
The purple attack where things come in, from above and diagonally, really quickly. It relies on either luck or knowing the safe places, as it is basically impossible to react to it specially with movement restricted to one axis.
The final attack. It's way too confusing. The slashes go through the screen twice or something?? No matter where I stood, I couldn't avoid the damage of ANY of them. I survied tho.

Also, this wasn't really bothersome or anything, but I wonder why the buttons change position a tiny bit depending on wether it's your turn or hers.

Also going up and down in the "act" menu can show you the messages for "check" and "taunt/insult" without having to use your turn. huh.

Also jeez Frisk is a wuss. At like the third turn or so, after some really easy attacks, they're already like "uhh maybe this was a bad idea". Like damn you still have 90% of your health don't give up yet you idiot.