Reviews for "Painted Plummet- Jaiden Boss Battle (UNDERTALE AU)"

Amazing undertale au. It was so epic and fun. But that music at credits its kinda creepy.

OMG this is the most awesome thing ive seen from a jaiden animations fan, and i hate undertale so thats saying something

This was... very nice. I don't go into the AUs of Undertale, because they're just too many, especially if the characters are completely different, but this was a very good effort. It was very fun. My biggest problem however is that I have to continually change from keyboard and mouse to interact, and that kinda makes a little harder to dodge. It would be appreciated if it were like the traditional game where it is all keyboard,

Actually, To Start The Battle. You Press "ENTER" .

Just when I start the game, I have to wait so long for its things for the boss battle.

bb-panzu responds:

you have to press ENTER to start