Reviews for "Samurai Jack The Minus"

Pretty good animation but really it's better with the sound off. Either try to do it well or don't do it at all.

Overall, its not bad, but not great either. I don't really mind the unsynced audio but what hits me the most is the inconsistent anatomy.

Love it amazing job you did and I love how it looks^^

Hum, can say I didn't expect the length when I started.
So, curious to see what you did with 3 minutes.

I can say: the sound is out of sync with what is going on. So it is rather shoehorned. It doesn't fit much of anything throughout the animation.
Likewise; Going with a hyper penis, I can say that several of the angles leave rather odd proportions. Like the first view, where Jack has very thicc legs.

There is quite a few graphical glitches as well. Such as things jumping into place. Or loops that jitter. Or one part of the body moving, but not other parts.
Not to mention the constant mix of 2D and attempted 3D anatomy. It's VERY inkonsistent in proportions, gravity and all that. (Like Jack's "chest" roughly 2 minutes in)

All throughout, the sound from some hentai keeps looping. It's all very disjointed.
It feels a bit like you tried to cram as much as you could into this, rather than make sure what was in it, turned out good.
The random show references are quite good. But other than that, it's really just cookie cutter porn.
Oh, btw. You spelled "samurai" as "samira"in your tags.

TheMinus responds:

samira lol thank you