Reviews for "City Vices (Official Music Video)"


That was excellent! The cinematics, timing & textures... Got me with those final shots and change of scenery & colours & laying out the text.

That was awesome. Proud of you Digs!

digsBot responds:

Love brudda. Thank you so much for your help on this too man!

Really diggin' it! The overall look of everything makes it seem like a really epic invasion on a futuristic city where everyone can handle the invaders easily by using their sick laser guns and stuff

Cool stuff, man: )

digsBot responds:

:) Thank you thank you!!

This is a two minute love letter of my favorite aesthetics, you nailed the backgrounds/color design/ and character designs! Lovin’ it dude!!!

digsBot responds:

Ivan my man, your words and feeling towards this mean a ton! So happy you fux with it.

Means the world to me that you guys are even able to check out our art and vibes we're trying to bring into the new year. Thank you so much for the good energy and much love to you this year!

I like it.