Reviews for "Dinogen"

This game reminds me of the Golden Age of Newgrounds. People keep saying that flash is dying, but I don't believe them. Neither should you. Sure, the game can be sometimes frustrating with the seemingly endless waves of dinosaurs, and some of the objectives can be a pain in the ass, but I enjoyed the hell out of this game nonetheless. So, I can only bow with respect.

awesome game maybe add new weapons like grenades, missiles, dino lure, etc. 5/5

Having a lot of fun playing this, its got some really great music and awesome game play. The controls are nice and smooth, I also love how there are different types of game modes, that adds a lot of replay value to it.

Great job!

this game is amazing! Mostly because the gameplay is very fun but eventaully gets boring but the wepons choice in the game is insane! THIS IS AMAZING

Is there a bug in survival mode? Every time I enter the armory to purchase anything I cant seem to exit the menu. I've tried all of the default key bindings but nothing.

xWILKINx responds:

Click the X in the right corner to close the armory menu. :-)