Reviews for "Dinogen"

i fucking love it! thanks welkin, and thank armor games. i know when i see those swords cross...im in for something good!

cool game o yeah

I totally love it it because it is like Jurassic Park but in Run'N Gun and fast Paced. It is just like Jurassic Park Instead its you time traveling to the dinosaur age finding the survivors that is being overrun by carnivorous dino species except for herbivores. Any way Iove the game and the story line of the game.

Well done, there's a good balance between challenge and the ability to advance. I recommend saving up for the two high level shotguns. Grab the extras (laser sights, more ammo etc.) And you can grind in survival for a good while. My fave gun is the Chimera, both in survival and story mode.

xWILKINx responds:

Cool, thanks for the comments! :-)