Reviews for "Dinogen"

Pretty good game, but I found a bug in survival: You always get 100% accuracy bonus after finishing an wave, even if you were spraying at nothing.

Also, I think health regen in survival, specially with the friendly NPC's, is a bit OP.

xWILKINx responds:

Hey, the wave accuracy actually accounts kills from your allies, but if they miss it doesn't negatively affect your accuracy. So it's always a win-win to have teammates!

I changed melee to F asap, but I should really think about remapping it to space so I can use it while running. The health regen means meleeing things leaves someone with loads of ammo for bigger things. And even those spitters go down without much trouble.

Pretty solid gameplay so far. However I noticed a problem with the run mechanic. Even if your charactetr is standing still it depletes the run bar. Might want to look into that.

xWILKINx responds:

Hey, good catch! I'll be sure to fix that in the next update.

Nice game, fun for a little while. But while the gameplay mechanics were good, it was very repetitive (and I only played storymode). The graphics were very monotone (every thing green-grey), and it could have been made more interesting by some brighter colours. Different colours would be an easy way to add variety to the enemies as well (no one knows what colour dinosaurs actually were, so they might have been as colourful as birds). And as soon as you get allies with unlimited ammo who can't die, story mode loses most of its challenge. There's also a lot of back-tracking, as you return to areas of the map you've already cleared, which all look the same anyways.

It says that SPACE opens the perks menu, but it never did anything for me.

Finally, while the story has promise, you could have cut out a lot of the pointless dialogue, and tried to make your characters a bit more memorable and distinct from one another.

xWILKINx responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Just to clarify, you can only open the perks menu in survival mode. You already have most upgrades by default in story mode.

Solid gameplay, nice little run n' gun. Helped me kill some time. I like the top down view, reminds me of old zombie survival games (except this has dinosaurs.) Would love to see RPG elements such as crafting and levels, as well as a more sandbox story driven gameplay.

NOTE *** I'm not sure if this has been addressed, but I found a bug in the mission where you go back in time to find the Agent, I had an issue with the teleporter. We were both standing on the pad and nothing happened. I tried interacting with the time machine, etc. to no avail.

xWILKINx responds:

Hey, thanks for the feedback! Make sure you kill all dinosaurs before using teleporters (you may have missed a slow-moving one). :-)