Reviews for "Dinogen"

Having a lot of fun playing this, its got some really great music and awesome game play. The controls are nice and smooth, I also love how there are different types of game modes, that adds a lot of replay value to it.

Great job!


ok so, I want to make this quick

you are a solid artist
you are a good programmer
the engine is well made
fps spikes were minimal
looks fine
you are really good with guns
sound is good
music is good background music

-you are not a good designer
-dinosaurs almost all look equal
-animations are short and dont give the player thinking room, it is compensated by low damage
-terrible level design, boring unnecessary fetch quests, if its going to be unnecessary, make it interesting, add more enemies, quirks, timed fetch quests with parkour, non timed fetch quests where enemies are constantly spawning, make it lively, make it feel exciting and different
-almost all dinosaurs do the same, might as well have been another zombie game

Some tips:
make dinosaurs more impressive and different, make them ram the player, leap towards him, stand still and give him the claws, all that shit, and dont give a shit about accuracy, paint em up, make them brighter and shit, or at least give them more distinct colors and features, and you are using flash, right? dont, it limits your true potential, try and learn how to use another engine

My only problems with this game is the fact that, in game, the spinosaurus's size is incorrect. The spino is around the same size if not bigger than a T-rex. Another problem i have is the Carnotaurus's size. Spino's size aside, Carnosaurus are not nearly as big as this game makes them seem. Carnos would be closer to the size of the in game spino. Next is the running back and forth, it feels a bit tedious running from one end of the map to the other more than once without a map to tell you where the hell you are even going. Lastly, the length of the game itself (Survival not included) was a bit of a "Blue-baller". The game made me want more and to be honest i thought this was a full game at first. Note: i dont wanna tell you how to make your games but it would be convenient if the title included "Demo" in it until its finished.

xWILKINx responds:

Hey, thanks for the comments! This isn't a demo, it's the full game!

OH NO! a T-Rex, quick get that RPG! We don't need it we have knifes! A dino game where i can knife a T-Rex to death.