Reviews for "Dinogen"


So this was notbad it was actually pretty fun the "CONTROLS" are easy to understand and run very smooth, the weapons are good choices its a fun game, This game entry is Loaded with delightfull stuff, and I was glad to have tried some things out, There is not much Lackluster stuff about this entry, Maybe Eliminating some stuff here and there, but you have Engineered something pretty nifty, so I hope this can Thrive even more, more to a larger scale even.

Some splasshy effects on shooting points and action points would be a nice upgrade.


Very good game Will there be Dinogen Chapter 2..?

to much typing scenes and you die you have to reread ehhh

this game is amazing! Mostly because the gameplay is very fun but eventaully gets boring but the wepons choice in the game is insane! THIS IS AMAZING

This is a very great and well made game. I like it for many different reason, but there are some flaws. I'll point out the good and the bad for this unique little flash game. The good things about it is how wide the armory of the weapons is, and in most other video games, the weaponry can be a little deviating from their real life counterparts, in terms of functionality and mechanics. The soundtrack is EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD! I just love it, it fits in so damn well! It puts a really cool atmosphere into the game. But now on to the problems with the game. Dull backgrounds/Dinosaurs, and the gunplay. Some of the Dinosaurs are so damn hard to tell apart, specifically Utahraptor and Velociraptor. They should all have unique color patterns to give a difference between the animals, instead of the dull brown in all of them. The backgrounds or levels are really hard to tell apart, and I think you should give a little gimmick or specialty in each of the levels. And the gunplay, it is not the worst, but personally I must say the bullets in this game should use a tracer effect instead of using a Hotline Miami style of gunplay. But overall, most of the aspects about this game are GREAT. Absolutely love it.