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Reviews for "MazeBot"

I love the Game! Very Good,Dude!
The Only thing is that the controls are a bit confusing,but still,A Very Cool game!

dynamitewhale responds:

Hi Ballooney,
thank you! What is making the controls confusing?

good game, hope you make another one soon!
by the way, that ninja-gah is guite the whiner haha

An incredibly amazing game, the artwork and gameplay is great and the storyline is one you don't see very often. great job!

dynamitewhale responds:

Thank you so much! :)

Beat the game in my first try in 19:31:65 but I forgot to log in

I'm very into bounds and mazes from Starcraft and warcraft, and this is very much like that. I like the music and the art they come together very nicely. I'm not particularly into the isometric view as you have 4 direction movement but the visual is moving at 45 degrees. The bot battles got too repetitive at the end and I just stopped fighting them.

I personally think the timing robot "battles" are bit cheesy, I would be perfectly fine with just dodging things, and lose a health if they ram into me. You can speed up the robots or reduce health capacity to increase the difficulty. And save the timer events for the terminal hackings. Maybe instead of the getting the access card you hack a terminal per level, and multiple terminals on boss level.

As for keys, you can reduce the controls to just using WASD/Arrow keys. <- to battle, -> to hack, down for timing event. This way you don't have worry about key assignments moving from WASD to arrow keys.

Keep up the good work!

dynamitewhale responds:

Hi Ninja-Gah,

thank you for playing and congratulations for beating the game :)
Sounds like we put in a few too many Quicktime-events for your taste. We were hoping that by not just reducing your energy when you get spotted, but leaving it up to the player's skill, would make it more interesting.
Do you think a higher variety (different kind of events) would have made it more bareable?

Interesting game, but please add also an ability to move with the arrow keys. Not everybody like wasd, for me it is -1 star for not being able to choose the scheme.

dynamitewhale responds:

Hey HerbieG,
thank you for the feedback. We will definately consider it, would you keep the UI-Interactions on Q/E though?