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Reviews for "MazeBot"

awesome, very good job!
The minigames when fighting reminded me a bit of Undertale :)

While it does get more challenging over time the gameplay also takes a hit as it becomes more tedious. The art is unique, and I enjoyed the challenge, but after ten or so minutes I got bored with the game.

That was a pretty good game, but it did have its faults. It seemed like the gameplay was too simple. It didn't take long for me to beat a level. I still liked this because of how beautiful it looked! This is just a game that looks amazing! It's not much of a maze.

I can see why it took a different kind of program to run it. It's a really futuristic looking game. I liked the sounds too. It just wasn't great for me. Still, it definitely tried.

Pretty neat, took 14 minutes to beat, all achviements expect perfect and not today, good for spending a little time for, i dont know what else to say, more coming?

original idea to build a game with 4 colors :D

I love it so far. The music is quite lacking, but the retro looking style makes up for it!

dynamitewhale responds:

Is it too repetitive, or bad in itself?