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Reviews for "done"

so message i'm supposed to receive at the end probably flew over my head, but I'm glad that you're happy.
And I want to thank you for the fun and simple yet intriguing little games you managed to produce every month.

Well done.

StuffedWombat responds:

it is more a stream of conciousness text/game, so do not worry!

Thank you for the kind words :)

This game actually made me remember I used to have a Newgrounds account and made me try to log in.
...And then I realised that it has been lost to the aether. And created a new one. Anyway, tangent over.
This little story made me relive a few memories of really vague connection to this, and that may or may not have terrified me. Which means that you've done a terrific job even with as much as what's presented. Kudos to you and your work.
Though I'll admit - while the controls are okay to navigate with and the wall-walking secret is subtle and interesting, getting lost off-screen is a pain. (I'm almost certain I may have managed to get myself stuck out there, too.) There is probably a message to be derived from that, but I'm not going to start speculating over a real fake story.
Anyway. Whatever it is you're working on at any point in time, I wish you fortune and success.

StuffedWombat responds:

thank you so much!

I totally forgot about the being stuck in the wall bug, i will try to fix it!

thanks again, I wish you all the best!

This engine is really good just a shame nobody to shoot?

A pretty cool game! The controls are very creative.
I managed to finish Day 13 and found the letter/note, is that the end?

StuffedWombat responds:

yep, thats it!
glad you enjoyed it :)

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who can relate to this. I give it 5/5 for total honesty and a glimpse into the mind of a game developer.