Reviews for "If Yu-Gi-Oh! was made by EA"

Wow, the video was perfect. Not only were the faces and topic itself funny, but the sounds were so in tune as well. I loved that the beeping of curse words was with the life point sound effect. Truly superb.

Yes, this is so very true, albeit a bit over exaggerated.

Animation was pretty good. Voicing was good and fit. Story was a little cliche but hey it was good all around.

Truth has been spoken!
Fuck Kyba, fuck EA and a more especially huge fuck to EA's customer service!
(Not the kind of fuck we like, by the way; the kind of fuck where sand and rocks are used as lube).
Venting about EA done; the video is really great dude! Nice animations, funny twists, nice voice acting (even if I always figured Yugi having a childish voice.. xD).
Brought me back into childhood when I used to play this card game!

Really funny! Not personally a fan of the artstyle, but then again, it's probably intentional.

Yep. LewtboxZ
Pay 2 win personified
god damn micropay

-Hail Cobra