Reviews for "If Yu-Gi-Oh! was made by EA"

Great animation! I enjoyed the credit card punch line and making Yu-Gi-Oh wait while he tried to get the full set with a 0.2% success rate!

Its similar to speedosauseage cause... theres... not much else to do here. its a game about enslaving card monsters... pokemon wanabe... like digimon... its like pokemon but not really cause... ITS ONLINE...

It was an alright parody. Well acted enough, the animation is... OK. The inclusion of the meme at the end was something the cartoon could live without just fine in my opinion. Otherwise, good work here. Keep it up!

It is not bad, but I feel like this is very similar to Speedosausage and RicePirate's Yu-Gi-Oh! cartoons

The animation's alright and the writing too, but I can't say this feels original. Like it was hastily made to make fun of a topical issue.