Reviews for "If Yu-Gi-Oh! was made by EA"

Truth has been spoken!
Fuck Kyba, fuck EA and a more especially huge fuck to EA's customer service!
(Not the kind of fuck we like, by the way; the kind of fuck where sand and rocks are used as lube).
Venting about EA done; the video is really great dude! Nice animations, funny twists, nice voice acting (even if I always figured Yugi having a childish voice.. xD).
Brought me back into childhood when I used to play this card game!

Lol, those facial expressions are so so ugly, but expressive.
Kaiba is such an asshole.
Great animation and video quality.

This was great.

Looks accurate

It was an alright parody. Well acted enough, the animation is... OK. The inclusion of the meme at the end was something the cartoon could live without just fine in my opinion. Otherwise, good work here. Keep it up!

Yes, $$ is OP in games with premium content. EA faps wildly at the idea of acquiring the rights to a CCG like Yugi.