Reviews for "Squarely Jump"

Great! Its very funny to play that game keep it up!!

I love this game. I'd love a level creation mode and more levels.

No way! I can't believe this! I completed all levels. :")

I thought it was boring. Well, it's not, it's very challenging! :D
good music though. 10/10

the medals dont work for me. great game tho

Fun game with constant introductions to new mechanics... until the middle of the game, at least, after that levels started feeling a bit repetitive. I think rotating the screen upside down was a bit cheap as a mechanic but others seem to like it so whatever. Music is fine, graphics are fine. Levels are also fine with a few exceptions that felt a bit "meh". My biggest complaint is how finnicky jumping is sometimes. Like, you've gotta wait about 1/3 of a second after the sqare touches the ground to be able to jump again. Still, nice thing worthy of the little time it takes to finish.