Reviews for "Squarely Jump"

Simple graphics, easy and short game but fun and with good music and easy medals!

feels like a m mimic. but thanks for the medals!

The idea of this game is cool, but, it's NOT original! have games with this technic, like Geometry Dash, and i'm think more olders games uses this technic. And some part from this game it's just the firsts levels but in upside down! Of course, the owner can add new levels but, with this version that i'm are using, It's pretty repetitive.

The medal system sqaer'd you up.

Fun game with constant introductions to new mechanics... until the middle of the game, at least, after that levels started feeling a bit repetitive. I think rotating the screen upside down was a bit cheap as a mechanic but others seem to like it so whatever. Music is fine, graphics are fine. Levels are also fine with a few exceptions that felt a bit "meh". My biggest complaint is how finnicky jumping is sometimes. Like, you've gotta wait about 1/3 of a second after the sqare touches the ground to be able to jump again. Still, nice thing worthy of the little time it takes to finish.