Reviews for "The Bird & the Disproportionately Small Gap."

Not sure what the point of all that was...I don't really get the joke if there was suppose to be one.

I liked the 8 bit, 16 bit, graphic style in the backgrounds.
The animation was good.

This was epic! Which games besides Cavestory got shown?

so f*cking great. i am onthe floor. Good animation, good epicness and your own easteregg ! I love it !!!!!

Wow, that was really something. Loved the animation, the little tid-bits that made me giggle but really would have loved seeing that duck face off against Sans. Maybe a future project or something? Idk. Still. It was great! Keep it up

Oh hey, Cave Story reference! :D Such a grand and awesome flight into the cosmos!! Though when it's over... feels like it almost went a bit too far there. Just a short flight would've sufficed, really! Just a few obstacles. Just that random display of immense rage and radiating power! It goes to great lengths to get the joke across, which I guess is the idea but... feels like nevertheless the impact would have been greater was the gap really a little bit shorter.

Awesome work though! And it's an NG edition too, much appreciated. :)