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Reviews for "Room"

dad ad ad ad a d bum chilli

I think for a beginner kind of game for kids, this is fine. Could be useful for kids who are just learning how to read and write. Good job

CanoSellers responds:

Thanks! I am glad you thought it was pretty decent. I'm definitely not great at this but I'll get better.

I am giving you 4 stars because I can see your potential and I understand given the simplistic game mechanics, you're testing things out. As the description says, you made a simple game that could be used for little kids who are learning how to type. To that audience, I would say it is silly and fun. To a developer I can see keyboard inputs and events...so with my full observation, I would like to see more from you in the future, great game!


CanoSellers responds:

Thanks so much for the 4 stars and great feedback! I'm very young but I will try to make some more quality games in my future.

The secret word is...

Reminds me a lot of a very minimal version of Terry Cavanagh's Constellation. Not bad though.

CanoSellers responds:

Yeah I plan on making a more complex version but I'm not great at this stuff yet lol. Thanks tho!