Reviews for "Tales of Luka: The Crossing"

aww I was hoping for lesbian action :/

what in the absolute fuck

Not a game, not even good, a genuine waste of time.

JoSilver responds:

Thanks you for being honest. However, if it's such a waste of time why even bother with a review. If you going to take some to say something, try not to just vomiting words and try to explain in at least a sentence why you don't like something. It's a better use of everyone's time.

Saying it's not a game, is not a criticism, it's a statement of fact, I am aware it's not a game even in the loosest of definitions, but would me labeling it as a movie some how make it better.

If it's not good, How is it not good? even "It's not good because I think it's bad" is more helpful criticism because if at some point I was trying cater my work specifically for you I would know not to do this.

So again I thank you for writing a review and even taking the time to even check out my work, but if your going to take the time to write a review have something worth saying or at least don't be a dick.