Reviews for "Tales of Luka: The Crossing"

Call me weird but I enjoyed this, a neat little story, and minecraft is odd enough to intrigue me.

shrugs I'm sorry I have to laugh at this.

I just do not get the blocky girls thing. I know it's minecraft but it seems just silly to me as a porn idea. "yeah rub your jagged dick inside my square hole". I mean all for the people that want to get off to this but I really do not get it.
This took me really only a few minutes to get through and I really don't see any replayability to it beyond reading it.

If you find an audience for this great but I'm going to find other things to play/read.

This world doesn't need more poorly made Minecraft porn

kind of weird, It's like block hentai, I just don't really understand it, but someone will get off to it, I mean people get off to worse things (cough futa cough) but keep up your work and you'll get better as you keep going.

your textures are too blury. this is due to the fact that mine craft textures are too low resolution....
blender blurs low res textures by default because in general thats what you want......

you can fix this by going into blenders user preferences >System > then near the bottom there is "Image Draw Method" and set it to "Draw Pixels."... you will want to set it back to default for normal projects though.

JoSilver responds:

Thanks for the advice, but trust me I am aware of that I am using cubic sampling rather than nearest neighbor and it was an intentional choice. You see I was originally going to keep everything pixelated but I wanted to try something different, Minecraft's aesthetics emphasis minimalism, So I decided instead of pixel art to achieve minimalism why not impressionism. I felt that changing the texture sampling from nearest neighbor to cubic yielded the desired result or at least an interesting one.

Perhaps the effect doesn't come off as intended but that's what I was going for. I do however feel I should have redone the textures to better reflect my vision but this was more or less an experiment.

Anyways thanks.