Reviews for "Tales of Luka: The Crossing"

It was ok

this is why god left us.

I for one don't find anatomically incorrect women sexy. But that's not the main reason to give 0 stars.

This isn't a game really. Grafx aren't high quality, and the "gameplay" is pressing an arrow a few times. That's not a game. That's a gallery. Why is this within the 'games' cathegory?

All in all, instead of a sexy game I got a gallery of squarehead sex. Not amused.

Here i was thinkning that minecraft porn is just a meme. welp

Now as much as the sane part of me wants to shout 'NO MINECRAFT PORN', the simple nature of the game, the world, and it's physics; are kinda what can and DO make it sexy.

Which is exactly WHY this works, the story along with it was pretty darn smooth and neat. As well won't lie and want to see another.