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Reviews for "Rocket Dancer"

im not exactly sure how, but this game has the potential to be really fun. its fair and challenging. 59 deaths. 4.5 stars because i got really confused with the level that went in front of and behind you.

COOL! (You should add more stuff like powerups and better control.)

Amazing! My favorite element of this game is the 3D effect, it looks so cool with purple, but the fire and those pads look pixellated. 5 Stars, would give 6!

This is a nice rocket piloting game, but it could use more. Add more levels, power ups, missions, and levels to really make it shine.

It's a cool fun game reminds me of an old Sega game I used to play as a kid, that said their needs to be consistency with camera distance and physics, I nearly quit because it felt like a cheap death but there is a tonne of potential with this and I hope you improve it further :)