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Reviews for "Jomekka - Eighto [Complextro RMX]"

holy moly :o

I like it but I really wish that there wasn't so much GD cameos. I feel like it would've been a tiny bit better if it was just a simple remix (but I get it GD is your thing and blah blah blah community related stuff.)
Also I wish the end didn't really care on for so long for a simple ending. I wish there was another drop because it felt like it was leading up to something really big and then ... surv screaming ending.
IMO better than the original but could be so much better.
(not the best at reviewing songs because I never made one xP)

had an erection. good enough right? 8)
Nah, seriously though, nice job xD

Freaking amazing. I love it. Best song I've ever heard. The only thing I don't like is the random sound at the end. 4.97/5 <3