Reviews for "Incident : 3184b"

a fucking godsend, Gore was great. Effects when the guns fired were nice.

Music: Quite a good track. I liked it.


Here's the "unique" ones.

Protagonist - well designed. Decently skilled in combat.

Rich- i mean- Rick - Probably related to rich, his design was kinda shit.

Animation: Quite smooth for the most part. You did well here.

Overall: a disappointment compared to what we normally see from you. Animation was smooth and fast paced, but just SOME parts were abit too slow for my liking, you paced it well, though the speed was inconsistent and took me off guard sometimes. My idea of an incident is it has a certain "Theme".

Incident 1000A: Protagonists fight each other while killing grunts in between.

Incident 001A: The blender. also, slightly more fast paced.

Incident 011A: a large murder machine doing it's job.

This "Incident" Didn't have a theme or a consistent action speed. the author comments say it all.

SentryTurbo responds:

thanks for the cool review

Hey, that's pretty good.

still better than Realm Excellent anyways :)

Great movie.