Reviews for "The Fair Light (Part01)"

great work with the animation and sounds Djjaner xD

Amazing, good job!

You have suprised me again :)

I though that you cant to anything better, but you totally did.

SIDES: You have finally managed to make more angles of the protagonist which has given to you more abillities of animating him.

SHELLS: Just shels. You have also finally managed to start adding them. Now everything looks way more realistic.

ENEMIES/PROTAGONIST BEHAVIOUR: That's one of the things i mostly like. Noone act sensless and just wait to get killed, all of agents try to injure the protagonist, sometimes even succesfull. About protagonist - someone have finally started to make not god-alike heros, which is totally good. Finally he is missing some things, which is really nice and gives the realism.

SPRITES: Johny did amazing job with weapons, as always. Only negative i can mostly find is the fact that only a couple of injuries was really detailed, like the broken jaw at the end. It's ok, but you could do something better about it, like in ryder revenge unlimited.
Character sprites were also cool, background's too. Blankness of them has given you a huge place to do some agents massacre.

MUSIC/SOUNDS EFFECTS: I also have really enjoyed this part! Finally some new, never used screams, new injures sounds and more. I like the fact that you're one of the animator that keep finding new sounds to mostly everything and not only using madness combat sounds and grabel's one. About the music - it fits perfectly and was nice by itself.

THE STORY: i liked the idea at all, it finally wasnt just "elimimate boss". Time travels gives you a lot of things to do and ideas. I only don't liked that cliffhanger at the end, but you cant have everything i guess.

I'm not even going to talk how good the animation by itself is (even if it seems to be even more smooth than the last ones's). You have showed again that you're the best madness animator.

Keep it up, i'll be really waiting for your next projects like black sun, which seems like its going to be even better.

It was definitely worh to wait.

Djjaner responds:

Thanks for great review buddy... You don't have to worry about this "elimimate the boss" definitely will not be the main problem what causes the destruction of the world in this series, it's far worse.

Amazing structure of the hovercraft
Seems to be the most coolest thing ive seen.

Animations are the same, but much brutal.
Cant wait for the next one!

At first i thought, that this was supposed to be Madness set in space, but it turned out to be about a man FROM space and the future whom comes to the past, which sounds like a damn well good idea for something like madness combat, which gets repetitive.
So its not the usual ''kill the boss'' sort of deal, it's something better.

As for animation i must say its really good. You have improved a lot since your older work, that's for sure.

The sound design was quite interesting, it consisted of some unique sounds of which all sound brutal and booming, which adds impact and feel to the crude world. The music was well made, i liked it alot and i think it fit well with the movie.

But, even though there's so much good stuff in this movie, the thing that put me down was the cliffhanger. It didn't quite feel like a cliffhanger as it did feel like an ending to an unfinished project.
I'd rather have them (The main character and his last seen enemy) on a standoff (which is a thing that Kelzad did for Realm, forgive me for this.)

Nevertheless this is a really good movie, and i hope to see what you create in the future!